The Company



Kickstartmedia, the independent publishers behind the successful tabloid style motoring newspapers, Motor Monthly and IKARA news, have decided to consolidate their effort into one publication.


The success of Motor Monthly has been unprecedented with sales growth continuing its upward trend, despite the harsh economic times.


IKARA has helped us grow our footprint in the rural and developing areas and now that we have seen that the hunger for a motoring title is there, we have decided to put Motor Monthly into the hands of that fan base.  Motor Monthly will now be distributed in the same outlets where IKARA had its unique footprint.


This move sees the demographic of Motor Monthly greatly increased as it will now be sold in all CNA’s, Spar and Pick n Pay and the likes, but it will now also have a presence in an extended range of garage forecourts and local corner style cafés across South Africa, putting Motor Monthly in the hands of everyone from serious petrol heads to those in the developing markets.  This gives advertisers more eyes on their products and will  ultimately result in more leads, from a wider audience, for our advertisers.


Alongside this our online presence has been growing steadily as we launched early in 2014 and the additional benefits that it offers our advertisers have been welcomed.

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